Nathan Micay to release new record on LuckyMe

There’s a new release coming out from Nathan Micay (formerly BWANA) early this summer. The highly praised artist has recorded sets for FactMag, Boiler Room, Resident Advisor, Groove and more.  The album’s titled ‘Blue Spring’ and encapsulates his previous sound, while builds on them by creating an intense listening experience that moves across prog, jungle, IDM and ambient.

The album artwork came about from a script outline Nathan Micay wrote, which was adapted into a comic as a tribute to Katsuhiro Otomo, a renowned Manga creator. Influenced by the Castlemorton rave, it’s set in a futuristic society and follows characters who are at a similar event that’s shut down by police. ‘Blue Spring’ was composed in relation to the story in the comic. It takes you on a journey that promotes a movement away from technology and into real life experiences. It should get us ready for the summer and festival season; part of his message is for people to enjoy sets without the need to record them.

Video and audio recordings of the album are being released on Micay’s website. Listen to a track below.

‘Blue Spring’ comes out on May 3rd. Buy it here.

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