Mumdance and Wife announce debut LP from their Bliss Signal metal project

Mumdance and WIFE, aka James Kelly have just announced their debut LP from their metal project Bliss Signal, landing this September on True Panther/Profound Lore. The album is the result of a handful of productive writing sessions between Kelly and Mumdance, in preparation for their debut live performance at Unsound Festival 2017. Following the release of their ‘Drifted’ EP, the scope of the project expanded.

Kelly was formerly a part of the black metal project Altar of Plagues, before going on to produce alone as WIFE. Bliss Signal pairs the extreme core elements of metal music with the energy and repetition of body-focussed music to create a hybrid that belongs neither in a moshpit nor on a dancefloor.

Bliss Signal is out on September 28th on True Panther/Profound Lore.

Pre-order it here.

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