Mosca Announces ‘A Thousand Years Wait’

Radio 1 resident Mosca has announced details of his new EP, out next month on techno imprint Ann Aimee. 

The ironically titled ‘A Thousand Years Wait’ EP constitutes the producer’s first output of 2013 after previously putting out well received releases on 3024 and Hypercolour. Although Mosca made his name via the anthemic garage monster ‘Bax’ and the downtempo stylings of ‘Tilt Shift’, those who have followed his radio show and most recent output will be unsurprised to hear the distinctly techno direction which this new EP follows. Coming on Ann Aimee, an imprint which has played host to continental techno artists such as Delta Funktionen and Roman Lindau, the EP consists of cuts that would not sound out of place making bodies move in a Berlin warehouse.

‘It’s Not What It Looks Like’ centers around a relentless industrial groove, with Mosca applying a new level of intensity to a style he previously explored on 2011’s ‘Orange Jack’. ‘Kneecap’ chugs along with menacing fervour, as the producer applies discordant keys to create a distinct element of unease. ‘Press Up’ initally appears to be releatively straight forward pulsing techno, although as Mosca draws the listener in he reveals its skewed funk underbelly.

‘A Thousand Years Wait’ is out October 7th on Ann Aimee. You can stream a preview of the three tracks and pre-order it here.

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