Mina and Bryte soundtrack Samsung Galaxy A9 advert

London DJ and producer Mina has teamed with Ghanian vocalist and long time collaborator Bryte to soundtrack Samsung’s new Galaxy A9 advert. 

The Enchufada affiliate is known to meld the sounds of afrobeats, dancehall, UK funky and all kinds of syncopated floor rhythms, with much of her music inspired by her trips to Ghana.

Having featured local artist and MC Bryte on a number of her previous tracks, their Samsung collaboration, which they’ve apparently been working together on for the last month, is arguably their most commercial and major collaboration to date.

Promoting Samsung’s new Galaxy A9 (the world’s first quad camera), the advert is sprung to life via Mina’s infectious drum play and Bryte’s skills on the mic, a formula we are used to seeing from the pair.

You can watch the minute long advert in full below. Here’s to hoping their combined career in soundtracking has only just begun…

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