Max Graef Band Set To Release ‘Dog’ LP

The Max Graef Band have just revealed December 14th as the date for their debut LP release ‘Dog’.

Over the last year or so, Max Graef has been the name behind a constant stream of quality releases, putting out a succession of tasty, soulful House and Hip-Hop jams with long time collaborator, label-mate and all round musical soul-brother Glenn Astro. Last April also saw the release of his first solo LP ‘Rivers Of The Red Planet’, a funky hybrid of dusty Jazz and soulful Detroit-style House with real character.

In the wake of this, ‘Dog’ is an exciting prospect. Max has brought together a collective of seriously talented, free thinking Jazz musicians with a mutual appreciation of the “good groove” – we’ve been told to expect a free wheeling 5-man jam of raw P-Funk grooves, Punk-Funk workouts and freestyle Jazz flavours. Sounds pretty delicious, right?

Check out the album artwork below and read on for tracklist


A1 DOG + Skit
A2 Skit
A3 CBOLX + Der Weisse Vogel part I
A4 Tangerine
B1 Mathilda Lilith Emilia + Skit
B2 Die Elektrische + Der Weisse Vogel Part II
B3 C.G.I.
B4 Der Weisse Vogel III

Max Graef Band Members:
Max Graef (Bass)
Kickflip Mike (Drums)
Valentin Handrick (El. Piano / Keyboards)
Ludwig Labuzinski (Sampler / Effects / Percussion)
Alex Seidel (Synthesizer / Percussions)
Gerry Franke (Guitar)

‘Dog’ is out of December 14th via Money $ex Records

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