Mary Anne Hobbs helps curate Manchester International Festival

The event takes place between 4th July to the 21st of July.

The biennial Manchester International Festival opened in 2007 and has hosted multi-disciplinary exhibitions ever since. It takes place in several locations across Greater Manchester including churches, car parks, railway depots and galleries. Promoting values of community and cooperation, the event brings out the best of Manchester.

MIF has seen artists such as Bjork and The XX perform. Due to the diverse nature of the event, there’ll be a stage hosting Mary Anne Hobbs and her all-female ‘Queens of the Electronic Underground’.

Hobbs is currently a presenter for BBC 6 as well as Djing at cultural events. Her previous work took her all over the world as a DJ and she worked on the soundtrack of the film Black Swan.

The artists she’s invited are Jlin, Holly Herndon, Aïsha Devi, Klara Lewis and Katie Gately. She had this to say about them, “if you don’t know these women already, they will leave an indelible mark on your life.”

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Next: Jlin: In Conversation.

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