Mannequin Records celebrates ten years with eight-track compilation

Mannequin Records have announced an upcoming compilation to celebrate their tenth anniversary and hundredth release to date.

Founded in Rome but currently based in Berlin, this influential label helmed by producer and DJ Alessandro Adriani began with a focus on synthwave and Italian new wave but has since expanded it’s musical vision.

The eight-track, double-LP compilation, ‘Waves of the Future’, is not a conventional retrospective glance at Mannequin’s history but a collection of previously unheard tracks contributed by the label’s closest friends and allies.

Interestingly, almost none of the artists featured on the compilation have yet released their own music through Mannequin, but are said to be “unofficial ambassadors” of the label, giving a sense of the aesthetic space in which it finds itself today while remaining conscious of it’s varied musical history.

Mannequin have provided us with a teaser of Alessandro Adriani’s collaborative track with An-i, ‘With You’; listen and check the tracklist below.


1. Silent Servant – Defiant Pose
2. Ron Morelli – Charges Won’t Stick
3. Beau Wanzer – Snake And Shake
4. Shawn O’Sullivan – Ill Fit
5. Not Waving – Secret Weapon
6. An-i & Alessandro Adriani – With You
7. Willie Burns – Light Far Over
8. Illum Sphere – Exhaustion

‘Waves of the Future’ is out on double-vinyl and digital formats on February 16th 2018.

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