London’s Threads Radio launches crowdfunder to support 2020 move

Based just above North London venue The Cause, Threads Radio, the online station that’s been operating since the start of 2019, is launching a month-long crowd funder throughout November to support its growth and imminent studio move in January 2020.

Like its downstairs neighbour venue The Cause, the space was always scheduled to close in 2020 due to redevelopments in the area, and with plans to relocate and design a more ambitious creative space than before, the station hopes to raise £7,500.

Speaking on the campaign, Threads have stated they “want to invest in the second studio to boost capacity in our education and outreach programmes, provide space for DJ and production lessons, improve our backline, maintain and replace equipment, put investment into growing and sustaining such an all-encompassing culturally/curationally/geographically broad project, and to reinforce Threads’ resilience as we prepare for our compulsory relocation.”

You can support the campaign here and watch a video for more information from Threads below.

The crowdfunder comes to a close on Sunday, December 15th.

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