Logos is back with a new album on Different Circles

Five years on from his debut LP Cold Mission, Logos returns with Imperial Flood.

The album will be released via his and Mumdance’s Different Circles label, and will include a new collaboration between the both of them.

Described as an “exploration of dark and altered pastoral material”, the record takes in influences as diverse as the Erosion and Chain Reaction back catalogues, experimental computer music and the late-90s drum and bass minimalism of Photek, Digital and Spirit.

Written over a three year period between 2015-2018, Imperial Flood is out on both digital and vinyl formats on April 12. Listen to album cut ‘Arrival (T2 Mix)’ below.


A1 / 1. Arrival (T2 Mix)
A2 / 2. Marsh Lantern
A3 / 3. Flash Forward (Ambi Mix)
A4 / 4. Lighthouse Dub
A5 / 5. Omega Point
B1 / 6. Zoned In (feat. Mumdance)
B2 / 7. Occitan Twilight Pyre
B3 / 8. Stentorian
B4 / 9. Weather System Over Plaistow

Imperial Flood is out April 12 on Different Circles.

Featured Image: C Parker

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