Listen To An Exclusive Mix From Blind Prophet

The head of Long Island’s South Fork Sound label; Blind Prophet, has blessed us with an exclusive mix for your listening pleasure.

Featuring cuts from himself and label mates J-One and Wen as well as offerings from Objekt and Cosmin Trg (who interviewed each other for us earlier this year), the mix is a dancefloor ready selection of bass and techno hybrids. Available exclusively on our Mixcloud, the mix acts as a prelude to Blind Prophet’s new ‘Sunset’ EP on South Fork at the end of the month. The aptly titled three tracker finds the producer deliver jazzy half steppers with the assistance of Archie Pelago’s Hirshi on the horn. Stream the mix via the player below:

Blind Prophet – South Fork Sound Mixtape by Hyponik on Mixcloud

01.  J-One - Eyes Shut (South Fork Sound)
02.  Simon/off - The Feel (Dub)
03.  ??? - ??? (Dub)
04.  Aoim - Middle Reset (Forthcoming Neonized Records)
05.  Luthor - Intake (Forthcoming South Fork Sound)
06.  Sepia - No One Is Safe (Dub)
07.  Max Ulis & Self Evident - Shock (Dub)
08.  Blind Prophet & Self Evident - Regeneration VIP (Unreleased)
09.  Sclist - Throne Guard (Forthcoming South Fork Sound)
10.  Wen - In (Dub)
11.  Blockout - Oh My (Dub)
12.  Objekt - Shuttered (Bleep)
13.  Volatil - Aeroplankton (Dub)
14.  Cosmin TRG - New Structures For Loving (50 Weapons)
15.  Max Richter - A Sudden Manhattan Of The Mind (Fatcat Records)

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