Listen to this amazing cold wave mix from JD Twitch

The Optimo DJ is releasing a 16-track compilation of ’80s synth, industrial and cold wave.

Twitch’s latest project follows the [Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era 1978-82) compilation on Optimo Music, and Youth Stand Up!, a collaborative release with young musicians from Glasgow, Ghana and Belize.

‘Cold wave’ was first used by Sounds magazine on a 1977 Kraftwerk cover. The term later came to encompass a range of artists working in the post-punk sphere, both in Europe and America.

So Low focuses on some of the lesser known names of cold wave, as well as more established avant-garde artists such as Throbbing Gristle, Front 242 and Tuxedomoon.

Ahead of the release of So Low in a fortnight, Twitch has put together an excellent mini mix featuring key tracks from the full compilation.

Stream it below, and stay tuned for remixes from Powell and Helena Hauff, along with news on London/Glasgow/Berlin launch parties.

Mix tracklist:

Front 242 – ‘Kampfbereit’
John Bender – ‘Victims of Victimless Crimes’
Chris & Cosey – ‘Passion’
The Klinik – ‘Moving Hands’
Hard Corps – ‘Porte Bonheur’
P/1E – ’49 Second Romance’

So Low is out 19 Feb via The Vinyl Factory, pre-order right here.

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