#LetUsDance Campaign is calling for the UK government to help the nightlife sector in pandemic support

A new campaign, #LetUsDance urges the UK government to include nightlife into the arts and culture COVID aid package.

The UK government announced in July that it would issue an aid relief of £1.57 billion towards the arts and culture sector. Nonetheless, to this date, the government’s statement has not included dance music events, nightclubs or festivals. 

The Night Time Industries Association (or NTIA) set up a campaign on Thursday 23rd. It issued an urgent plea for support from the UK Government to recognise and protect the dance music and live events sector as an important part of the country’s arts and culture. This campaign has been backed by the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Caribou, Daniel Avery, Thom Yorke, among many others. 

More than 5000 people supported NTIA’s campaign and shared pictures of their last dance event or rave using the hashtag #LetUsDance.

Night Czar Amy Lamé said, “London’s dance venues and nightclubs (…) are a social hub for so many communities and a key part of our economy at night, but the Government has failed to provide them with specific support or give an indication of when they can open their doors again.”

Dance music clubs and festival culture are vital for British heritage and economy. They generate millions of pounds in revenue and adding to the growing nightlife tourism. The Night Time economy generates 6% of the UK’s total revenue per year and supports 85,000 jobs. Due to the pandemic, club nights and festivals are unlikely to be hosted for the foreseeable future. This will put thousands of incomes and venues at risk.

“The Government must make clear its commitment to protecting jobs in this vibrant sector to ensure that London’s nightclubs not only survive this pandemic but thrive beyond it,” Lamé said. 

The NTIA is urging people to write to their MPs for the government to include clubs and venues in the pandemic relief package. You can find your local MP and a template letter in this link.


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