Lakota on its last legs as owners look to “explore new opportunities”

The legendary institution is under threat as its site is being considered for redevelopment.

Lakota, the venue synonymous with Bristol music, may shut its doors in the near future as its owners weigh up a potential change in function for the area. Located on Upper York Street, the established club has served ravers for some three decades, hosting parties from Tribe of Frog, Simple Things, Good Life and Wide Eyes over the past few years, as well as many more back in the day. Its iconic artwork, mysterious Coroner’s Court and multi-level interior have helped shape the city’s reputation into the world-renowned scene it is today.

According to an interview with Bristol 24/7, the Burgess Family, owners of the club, have stated that the site “has great potential to support the local community above and beyond a nightclub.” The potential re-functioning of the area has led to suggestions of its conversion “into a mixed-use site, which will include residential accommodation as well as some business space.” Talk of even more housing development in the area will no doubt leave a bitter taste in the mouths of local residents, students and ravers, as this looks set to be a familiar situation to that of Hamilton House. Its closure will deal another hammer-blow to Bristol nightlife, with Bierkeller and The Surrey Vaults shutting earlier this year.

One positive to take is that these plans are not immediate, and will take time to materialise. “It’s very much business as usual for the next few years” according to the Burgesses, allowing for plenty more dancing in the near future. Make the most of one of Bristol’s finest whilst you still can!

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