Kutmah announces debut album ‘TROBBB!’

Low End Theory affiliate and Izwid Records boss Kutmah will release his long overdue debut album The Revenge of Black Belly Button this coming August, via Big Dada Records. 

Abbreviated as ‘TROBBB!’, the debut album spans experimental beats and abstract raps, with an incredible cast of guests that includes Gonjasufi, Jonwayne, Natureboy Flako, Ta’Raach and Jeremiah Jae.

Heavily referencing his past but also future-facing, Kutmah states “I wanted to make a record for loners. You know some records have that ‘Hey! I’m at a festival!’ sound? Well I wanted to do the opposite of that.”

‘TROBBB!’ follows a string of releases via his own imprint Izwid Records and various labels, fittingly arriving to Big Dada, the label that helped shaped his vision when he was in search of ‘finding that other type of music to fit where my head was at.’

Stream ‘Cooler of Evidence’ featuring N8NOFACE and check the album’s artwork and tracklist below.

Kutmah TROBBB!


1. T.R.O.B.B.B! Theme (Curtain Opens)
2. Strangetown
3. Lifted
4. Shut Shit Down!
5. Brown Porsche 928
6. Change Things
7. Teezuk Humra
8. Arrival
9. Hackney
10. E2 7RW
11. Stalker
12. Black Myth (feat. Jeremiah Jae & Zeroh as Holy Smoke) **
13. BN1 8DH
14. SwampThing (feat. Zackey Force Funk)
15. On The Run
16. Follow The Light
17. ShadowDancer
18. Guidance Counselor
19. Cooler Of Evidence (feat. N8NOFACE)
20. Blackwave (feat. Zeroh) **
21. Scorch 4 The Phoenix (feat. Ta’Raach & DJ Chris P Cuts)
22. Thoughts Under The Full Moon (feat. Akello G Light)
23. Accounted For, Then To (feat. Jonwayne) **
24. L.A. Memories (feat. Sach)
25. Interlude **
26. Herbal Tea Sessions (feat. Akello G Light)
27. Healing
28. Dunes
29. Enta Omri
30. Love Found **
31. Bury Me By The River (feat. Gonjasufi)

The Revenge of Black Belly Button is out August 11 on Big Dad. Pre-order it here.

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