Keysound Announce Debut Compilation ‘This Is How We Roll’

‘Keysound Recordings presents… This Is How We Roll’ will be available from March 25.

Dusk and Blackdown‘s pioneering label Keysound releases details of the forthcoming label compilation, featuring a wealth of their roster to date and more: Wen, Beneath, Samename, Visionist, Logos, Mumdance, Double Helix, bosses Dusk & Blackdown and more.

The label has moved with the times, from the early dubstep of Skream and co. through the resulting, dark strains of garage in Sully, Kowton, and Zed Bias. Their sound now is a heavily-synthesised, slowed take on grime – Blackdown explains:

“This compilation is a new chapter for the Keysound family; reflecting a new wave of hungry, talented but under recognised producers building their own sounds. There’s light and shade, momentum and arrest, tenderness and anger, strangeness and familiarity – there’s even a club banger whose drums run backwards. The only thing that unites it is a 130bpm heartbeat. I’m not sure where it’s all come from or where it’s all going but you can feel the sense of momentum building.”

Stream a radio rip of opening track ‘New Wave’ and see tracklist below.

‘Keysound Recordings presents… This Is How We Roll’ full tracklisting:
01. Visionist, Beneath & Wen ‘New Wave’
02. Beneath ‘PVO’
03. Samrai ‘Hear Me Now’
04. Visionist ‘Dangerous’
05. Wen ‘Commotion VIP’
06. Double Helix ‘LDN VIP’
07. Epoch ‘The Steppenwolf’
08. Dusk + Blackdown ft Farrah ‘Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak drumz remix)’
09. Fresh Paul ‘Blaster’
10. Mumdance & Logos ‘In Reverse’
11. Gremino ‘Monster VIP’
12. Rabit ‘Satelite’
13. E.m.m.a. ‘Peridot’
14. Moleskin ‘Burst’

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