Kamixlo Preps His Debut Album on PAN

The British-Chilean producer delves deep on forthcoming album ‘Cicatriz’.

Kamixlo has found a reputation with his unapologetic and wildly expressive sound. The producer, curator, artist, who co-founded the now defunct London-based collective, label and club night, Bala Club, now lands on the PAN main label with his debut album.

Named ‘Cicatriz’ which is Spanish for ‘Scar’, Kamixlo delves into experiences of loss from recent years on the forthcoming LP. With tracks named ‘Sick’, ‘Poison’ and ‘Destruction’, the package sees industrial and hardcore elements side by side with ambient and Kamixlo’s signature reggaeton.

Having spent the last half-decade developing his sound, the album is packed with influences. Featuring long-time collaborator, Felix Lee and Swedish cloud rap producer, Woesum, Kamixlo also nods to his passions for Professional Wrestling and nu-metal; naming track ‘DKD Lethal’ after Limp Bizkit’s very own, DJ Lethal.

Since his last appearance on PAN sub-label, Codes, back in 2015, Kamixlo has pushed a series of EP’s through his Bala Club project, whilst also drawing further attention through his fast and furious DJ sets. Check out ‘Sick’ from the forthcoming album below.

PAN · Kamixlo – Sick (PAN 114)

Kamixlo’s ‘Cicatriz’ LP will be available 30th October via PAN, in digital and vinyl formats.

Grab it here

Photo Credit: Nile HQ & Elliot Denman

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