Julio Bashmore & Kowton Are Ekranoplan

The Bristolian producers are collaborating under the name of a Soviet war machine

The sixth release on Glaswegian Bake’s All Caps imprint has been revealed to be a new collaborative project from Matt Walker and Joe Cowton, aka Julio Bashmore and Kowton under the name Ekranoplan. A video teaser has appeared online here, which features the two producers sitting together nonchalantly behind a Roland TR-909 and a keyboard, Kowton enjoying a cup of tea and Bashmore chowing down on an apple.

The four track EP titled ‘Wing-In-Surface-Effect’ will be released next Thursday, October 9th. Previews for the tracks appeared on Soundcloud almost six months ago. An Ekranoplan is a Soviet ground effect aircraft that attains flight level just above the surface of water. A description on Rubadub reads “Just as the Scotch fear the Loch Ness monster, the coastal folk of the Caspian have long lived in the shadow of this great colossus – This EP paints a more gentle, playful picture of the monster and it’s mysterious aeronauts.

The producers have released together officially once before to date with ‘Mirror Song’ on Bashmore’s own Broadwalk Records last year. In other news, we’re let to believe that Kowton will be contributing to the second release on Tasker’s Whities label. Further details have yet to be announced.

Watch the teaser, stream clips and view a full tracklist for the release below

“Wing-In-Surface-Effect” will be released on vinyl via All Caps on 9/10/14, pre-order it here.

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