Jay Glass Dubs set to release first ‘proper’ LP on Bristol imprint Bokeh Versions

Epitaph marks the Greek producer’s seventh release on the label.

Dimitris Papadatos’ first release came out in 2015. In the short 4 year span since his self-titled album came out on Hylé Tapes, Papadatos has worked laboriously to release a further 13 EPs and mini-albums. Though this work-rate is frantic and hasty, the output rarely dips in quality. Such consistency has made Jay Glass Dubs one of the leading lights in Bokeh Versions back-catalogue, with the Greek producer’s style lending itself perfectly to the left-leaning dub championed by the imprint.

The words that spring to mind when listening to Dubs’ work is mystical, warm and playful. Carefully constructed beats characterise each release, with canny use of effects, undeniable rhythm and truly original melodies occupying his acetate. The statement from Bokeh Versions below summarises perfectly what to expect from the album, which is set to come out in January next year.

“The first PROPER debut full length solo LP for Jay Glass Dubs – wherein all the sonic roads he’s walked meld and twist into new puzzles and shocking revelations for the future of Bokeh’s flagship artiste.”

Listen to Epitaph‘s ‘Animal Estate’ below, with fellow Athenian Yorgia Karidi contributing to the track.

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