James Murphy Makes Music With Tennis Match Data

The LCD Soundsystem frontman has collaborated with IBM to turn data from Tennis matches into music… 

For the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships, back in August, James Murphy teamed up with technology company IBM to turn data collected from matches into over 400 hours of new music. Murphy and team built an algorithm using IBM software that collects tennis match data (service speed, number of aces, unforced errors etc) and generates that information into various musical cue points, of sorts, creating a real-time sound-score of each individual match. 

Murphy has now turned some of those matches into full tracks, revealing ‘Match 4′ and ‘Match 104’ earlier in the year. You can listen to 12-tracks of these bleeping experiments, aptly named ‘Remixes Made With Tennis Data’, below.  Maybe we’ll change our minds with time, but on the first few listens the concept of this project appears to more interesting than the result. 

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