James Fox Toughens Up As Severn Beach

James Fox begins his new alias with the ‘Stitches’ EP on Audio Culture.

Nphonix‘s ‘Tactix’ EP came out just yesterday, and is swiftly followed up by the announcement of James Fox‘s first output for the label. In keeping with their tendency towards the darker strains of house music, he opens a new project very much in the vein of those who have gone before – Hackman & Tessela, SLO, Presk & Cinnaman, GoldFFinch, and the just-mentioned Nphonix.

Whilst these three new tracks do diverge from his material as James Fox, now placing emphasis on the rugged side of his production silo, the soothing atmospherics just about remain present. Chordal elements take more of a back seat role compared to his TAKE and Well Rounded records, but they compliment the swollen low-end, marking new vibrant territory for the Bristol-based producer.

Buy from March 11.

Severn Beach – Stitches EP full tracklisting:
A. Stitches
B1. Pressure Waves
B2. Do The Vortex

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