Inga Copeland returns as Lolina with new album, Who Is Experimental Music?

The ever-experimental UK artist drops her second album of 2019.

Lolina, an ongoing alias of the ever-experimental UK artist Inga Copeland, has just dropped her second album of 2019, Who Is Experimental Music?

The record is made up of six new tracks and comes mastered by Amir Shoat. It follows Live in Genveva, Copeland’s last release as Lolina from February, and sees her keep musical elements to a minimum, relying mainly locked grooves and the heavy mutation of her vocal recordings.

Listen to the album in full below.


01. Let Go
02. Good Or Bad
03. Skipping
04. Glitching
05. Strobing
06. Who Is Experimental Music?

Who Is Experimental Music? is out now.

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