Hyperdub announces three-part album and A/V show from Lee Gamble

Part One, In A Paraventral Scale, will drop in February 2019.

Lee Gamble is a very interesting character, producer and thinker. Ever the experimentalist, the Birmingham native has forged a truly unique approach to making music, fusing philosophical ideas with sonic technique. The result: songs that conjure up emotion, instigate reaction and truly mesmerise. Past outings on the reputable PAN, his own UIQ label and Hyperdub, imprints championing innovation and avant-garde production, illustrate Gamble’s forward-thinking nature and ear for the inimitable.

Gamble has been ever hard at work of late, finishing off a three-part album series on Kode9‘s Hyperdub, the imprint with whom he released his previous album. His new material, Flush Real Pharynx, will see the UIQ boss’ brand of sound based on his studies of mechanics and dimensions of computer music combine with a new strain of digital theatre, blurring the distinction between non-musical sound, music and dance floor, a push and pull between reality and fictional worlds.

Part One, In A Paraventral Scale zooms in on the seductive/destructive nature of present-day reality through a symbolic prism inhabited by snakes, vehicles and mirages. The vid below shares part of final track ‘Many Gods, Many Angels’.

Part One drops on 1st February 2019.

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