Hivern Discs announce new 29 track compilation, Formations

Barcelona’s Hivern Discs are kicking off the new year with a mammoth new compilation. Formations collects 29 new tracks over 6 12”s from label friends new and old including Fantastic Man, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Inga Mauer and Samo DJ.

The compilation covers the full spectrum of Hivern’s sound, giving an indication of where the new year will be taking them. While the boxset edition which drops on January 23rd has sold out, all six discs will be available separately over the coming months.


Fragments 1
A1. Arthur Evans – ‘IV’
A2. Benedikt Frey – ‘Cali Stroll’
A3. Walden – ‘Guerreros del Lago’
B1. John Talabot – ‘Hivernoid’
B2. Epsilove – ‘Parallel universe night (Melted mix)’

Fragments 2
A1. Fantastic Man – ‘Lather of Heaven’
A2. Layered Moods – ‘Z’
B1. Absis – ‘Sara’
B2. Steve Pepe – ‘Tribalone’

Fragments 3
A1. Cleveland – ‘Via Sole’
A2. Lost Scripts – ‘Deep’
B1. Lawrence Le Doux – ‘Regina’
B2. Sapphire Slows – ‘New You For Others, Same You For Yourself’
B3. Simon Haydo – ‘Bending Frameworks’

Fragments 4
A1. C.P.I. – ‘Miasma’
A2. Beesmunt Soundsystem – ‘Hypno’
B1. Parple – ‘El Día Oscuro’
B2. Inga Mauer – ‘It’s Gone’

Fragments 5
A1. Cooper Saver – ‘Tell’
A2. ‘Pional – ‘Purple’
B1. ‘Marc Piñol – ‘Vol de Nit’
B2. ‘Velmondo – ‘Transubstantiation’

Fragments 6
A1. Samo DJ – ‘Waterfall’
A2. oma totem – ‘Amb Minus’
A3. Shame On Us – ‘Fingers Crossed’
B1. Nadia D’Alò – ‘Ten-High Straight’
B2. Mioclono – ‘Center Of Things’
B3. Odopt – ‘Bretonn’

Fragments is out on January 23rd via Hivern Discs.
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