HELM press shot

HELM To Release ‘Olympic Mess’ On PAN

The London producer channels chaos on new LP.

Following on from 2014’s ‘The Hollow Organ’, and a hectic touring schedule, Luke Younger aka HELM, returns to Berlin-based PAN with 10 tracks of noisy euphoria. Clocking in at an hour in length, ‘Olympic Mess’, out June 15th, features Younger responding to his experiences of excess, exhaustion and changing relationships whilst trying to stabilise his personal and artistic life. Recorded in London, New York and Berlin after a brief tour with Danish punks Iceage, the album sees Younger traverse the fringes of Industrial, Dub Techno and Balearic Disco via heavily processed found sounds and shrouded electroacoustics.

Helm Olympic Mess artwork


  1. Don’t Lick The Jacket
  2. I Exist In A Fog
  3. Fluid Cloak
  4. Outerzone 2015
  5. Often Destroyed
  6. Olympic Mess
  7. Sky Wax (London)
  8. Strawberry Chapstick
  9. The Evening In Reverse
  10. Sky Wax (NYC)

‘Olympic Mess’ will be released June 15th via PAN.

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