Hear Dark Sky’s ‘City Symphonic’ Composition

The London trio spent an afternoon recording the sounds of their hometown, and these are the results.

On August 24th last year a group of musicians, filmmakers and visual artists came together to perform at the Tate Modern TANKS, as part of the Paved With Gold – A City Symphonic’ project. Backed by ISYS and NTS Radio the night was the result of a two-year collaborative effort documenting a day in the life of London and its youth cultures.

Artists performing on the night included Slime, Vondelpark, My Panda Shall Fly, and South London triumvirate Dark Sky, who delivered a stunning original composition of music inspired by “an afternoon out and about in London”. The four-minute track is composed entirely of original field recordings taken from around the city on that afternoon.

Stream Dark Sky’s composition and watch the final ‘City Symphonic’ film below.

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