Hear Clips Of Kangding Ray’s ‘Tempered Inmid’ EP

Stroboscopic Artefacts will release a four-track Kangding Ray EP on April 15.

Kangding Ray has appeared on Strobocopic three times before, contributing to a split 12″ with Pfirter last year, remixing Dadub‘s ‘Existence’ on the ‘Preternity’ EP, and delivering four tracks as the 6th edition of their Monad series. As that Monad EP was digital-only, the ‘Tempered Inmid’ EP seems like his first, full SA outing proper, and he’s really done it justice.

Ranging from orthodox techno tempos up to the pulsing 138BPM of ‘Nuis Octury’, Kangding Ray, real name David Letellier, throws together eclectic influences and disparate styles in a Bandshell kind of way. The combination of atmospheric, droning electronica and rough, lo-fi percussion of ‘Tempered Inmid’ through the entirety of the label’s catalogue, and is expressed here with typical grace. The walls of distorted noise, notably in the title track and EP closer ‘Ezerb Altren’, overshadow any duty to upfront drums and give the EP an absorbing air of restraint.

Kangding Ray – ‘Tempered Inmid’ EP full tracklisting:
1. ‘Tempered Inmid’
2. ‘Dimen Andesso’
3. ‘Nuis Octury’
4. ‘Ezerb Altren’

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