Happa Announces New Three-Part Series ‘Explorations In Music For Dancing’

The first volume is out today, complete with its own visual identity created by Caitlin Mcloughlin. 

The premise behind this new series by Happa (real name, Samir Alikhanizadeh), sees the UK heavy-weight dissecting and analysing the elements that make the best club tracks so effective. Arriving shortly after a collaboration with 96 Back and an EP on the formerly known, Whities, this new project will be delivered via Happa’s own label, PT/5 Records, that he runs alongside Dan Foat.

With the project centered around the familiar genres of house and techno, the firs installment dives into sounds and feelings from Detroit techno, filter house and footwork. A sample from Underground Resistance co-founder, ‘Mad’ Mike Banks also features, as a further nod to Detroit.

In addition to musical elements, ‘Explorations In Music For Dancing’ comes with a shiny visual package made by fellow dance music lover, Caitlin Mcloughlin. Inclusive of the cover art and a specially made typeface, Caitlin has sought to reflect the mischievous and playful nature of the new project and club music more generally. The typeface was moulded with plasticine before being digitized into a downloadable and usable format.

You can see the typeface in use below, under the EP artwork.


  1. Rolling Empires
  2. Busy Feet
  3. How Is Your Club

Happa’s ‘Explorations In Music For Dancing: Volume 1’ is out today via PT/5 Records

Grab it here

‘Explorations In Music For Dancing: Volume 1’ Cover Art by Caitlin McLoughlin


Accompanying typeface in use. Created by Caitlin McLoughlin.

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