Happa and 96 Back come together for new split EP

LS14 Battler/36th Chamberlain is the latest release from Happa and 96 Back on the former’s very own PT/5 imprint.

Following on from the intensity of Only Light/Only Darkness released earlier this year, Hyp favourite Happa, real-name Samir Alikhanizadeh, brandishes a more upbeat and playful side to his repertoire – apparently a product of his move down from Leeds to London, as well as various projects and credits working with FKA Twigs, Trim and more.

96 Back is also no stranger to us here at Hyponik HQ. The Sheffield-born rising star continues to act as a shimmering beacon on the electro scene, taking cues from the bleepy braindance oddities that initially put the steel city on the map. On this release Evan Majumdar-Swift and his wigged out creations act as the darker counterpart, shifting the tempo fader up a notch.

Despite the differences in style on LS14 Battler/36th Chamberlain, the release as a whole re-assures the trust that Alikhanizadeh and Majumdar-Swift have in one another to turn in something contradictorily coherent.

LS14 Battler/36th Chamberlain is out now via PT/5.

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