Goldie announces collaborative album as Subjective

Goldie is set to join forces with James Davidson under the alias Subjective, releasing their first joint project, ‘Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects’, on September 21 via Sony’s classical imprint, Masterworks.

James Davidson, described by Goldie as an “exceptional engineer and an unsung producer in his own right” has previously released via Metalheadz (under the alias Ulterior Motive with Greg Hepworth), and also helped produce Goldie’s 2017 album ‘The Journey Man’.

The album also features Natalie Duncan and Tyler Lee Daly, who’ve both linked up regularly with Goldie in the past.

Check out the first single, ‘Inkolelo’, below…

The track listing for ‘Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects’ is as follows:

1. ‘Midnight Monsoon’
2. ‘Temple’
3. ‘Find Your Light’
4. ‘Rift Valley’
5. ‘Silent Running’
6. ‘Re-Entry’
7. ‘Waypoint’
8. ‘I Saw Her Last Summer’
9. ‘Stay’
10. ‘Landscape – Portrait’
11. ‘Inkolelo’
12. ‘Find Your Light – Beauty’

Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects is out September 21 on Masterworks. 

More info here.

Featured Image: Chelone Wolf

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