Go Fund Me page launched for Cooly G after storage fire

London musician Cooly G was in the middle of moving to a new house when a fire broke out at a Shurgard self-storage facility in Croydon. Because her home was damaged by flooding, she subsequently stored all her possessions with Shurgard. The Hyperdub staple is a mother of two and they are currently living out of a small bag of clothes.

There is no certainty that she will be compensated at all for her losses. She was falsely sold insurance shortly before the incident, which will hardly cover any of the damage. Shurgard is also not promising compensation for any of the victims. However, people are trying to sue Shurgard over safety failures. The building was only fitted with fire extinguishers instead of sprinklers; there was no one there to operate them as the blaze occurred after hours.

There is a Go Fund Me page to help Cooly G and her family rebuild.

You can donate here.

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