George FitzGerald – ‘Child’ EP

Listen to George FitzGerald’s ‘Child’ EP in its entirety.

Aus Music have welcomed George FitzGerald back to deliver four late-night, house jams. The label, run by Will Saul and Fink have been putting out consistently class house and techno for 6 years now, and this EP is exactly that.

In jazzy sampling and vocals, the title track is laden with vintage house influence; this combined with the producer’s typically soft percussion lines, makes ‘Child’ arguably a stand-out track of the year so far.

The other three tracks are equally impressive. ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Unilateral’ are similar in their use of catchy samples and basic drum patterns. ‘Hindsight’ drops with a heavy, ‘South-London-Ordnance-style’ synth, a rougher dancefloor number rounding off a quality EP.

Available in a digital format from June 4 on Beatport, and from other digital outlets, and on wax, from June 11.

See tracklist details and artwork, and stream below.

George FitzGerald ‘Child’ EP Tracklisting:
01. Child
02. Lights Out
03. Hindsight
04. Unilateral

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