Furthur Electronix set for label showcase at Peckham’s Rye Wax with Subduction Zone

The Brighton-based imprint bring the heat to SE15’s livest basement on 17th January.

The blueprint for Furthur Electronix is, in some respects, something of a paradox, channelling sounds more akin to the 90s through futuristic complexions.

Pressing previously unreleased recordings and modern, cutting-edge sounds into limited edition records is at the heart of Anil Lal’s operations. Owner of one of the UK’s deepest collections, the man behind the label has a rare knowledge of the rave and a track for every stage of the party. Since Analog~1’s Elements EP kicked off proceedings 3 years ago, the likes of Junq, DMX Krew, Lou Karsh and James Shinra have all contributed rhythms and melodies to the esteemed imprints’ quality discography.

Joining London’s Subduction Zone and Anil on 17th January are Kreggo and Chris Moss Acid, two of Furthur Electronix’s more recently released artists.

Based in Milan, Kreggo has been a busy collaborator over the past few years, teaming up with the likes of Textasy, as well as running art-aud, home to the Secret Rave series. His New Age EP delivers 5 innovative soundscapes, and is set to drop on Furthur Electronix in the next few weeks. As a DJ, Kreggo explores unexpected frequencies and textures, surfing across genres on the constant hunt for originality.

As Chris Moss Acid’s name suggests, squelching 303 basslines are a constant feature of the man’s performances. Having released on the likes of Don’t, Rave Or Die and Balkan Vinyl, Moss’ production is multifaceted and diverse, constantly traversing styles and moods on his acidic adventures.

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