Full Vinyl Release And Track Giveaway From Paper Tiger

Following on from the release of their single ‘Send Me’ with Jus Like Music late last year, Paper Tiger announce their first full vinyl release with Manchester’s Mind On Fire Collective.

The ‘Illuminated EP’ features three prime Paper Tiger productions, and is complimented with remixes by Wisent from Lucky Me and looming UK producer, Blacksmif. Whether it be the cybernated skanking of ‘Delight Dub’, the dubbed-out steppah vibe of ‘Illuminated’ or the off-kilter haze of ‘Modern Dynamics’, this is a fruity record from the Paper Tiger crew, with a long-overdue debut on wax.

You can download an exclusive vocal version of ‘Modern Dynamics’ for free! It features regular collaborator Sabira Jade and host Raphael Attar. Click here to grab your download.

With a limited run of only 300 copies, the record drops on 27th February via Mind On Fire. You can preview the release below:

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