Flako Announces Debut LP, ‘Natureboy’

The Chilean producer will drop the long awaited record in March.

Operating under the Flako moniker since 2007, Dario Rojo Guerra has reeled out releases for the likes of Blue Note, Project Mooncircle and Apollo (R&S), under his own name and his Dirg Gerner and Flako aliases. Its under the latter which he is best known, thanks to his ambitious and unclassifiable blend of styles – which notably provided the backdrop for several high points on Fatima’s ‘Yellow Memories’ last year.

Due on East London’s Five Easy Pieces 23rd March, ‘Natureboy’ is said to be, “a bridge to a new musical identity” for Guerra. Speaking on the inspiration behind the record’s concept, Guerra explained: “I’m not religious. Nature is the only thing I really believe in. The sun and water are the two things that I find worth worshipping. There’s nothing without the sun, and there’s nothing without water.”

Musically ‘Natureboy’ reportedly takes its cues from the likes of Jazz legends George Duke and Bo Hansson, Brazilian musician Hermeto Pascoal, and pioneering composer Vangelis – amongst others. Guerra’s own vocals feature prominently on the record, both with singing and as the guiding force behind an abstract narrative on the record. Former Flying Lotus collaborator Miguel Atwood Ferguson was drafted in to arrange strings on ‘Twelve O Clock Shadow’.

The frantic black and white video for first single ‘Kuku’ – which is very much in keeping with the ‘nature’ theme of the album, can be watched below. You can also scroll down to see the tracklist and artwork.

01. The Opening / Purple Trees
02. Shipibo Icaro
03. Gelis
04. Spice Melange
05. Kuku
06. Solo For Chloë
07. Shape Of Things To Come
08. Som Da Aura
09. Twelve O’Clock Shadow (feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
10. Lyrebird
11. Golden High
12. Payaso
13. Who Do You Think You Are
14. For You (Reprise)
15. With Me Now (feat. Dirg Gerner)
16. The Odd & Beautiful

flako natureboy

‘Natureboy’ will be released 23rd March on Five Easy Pieces.

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