First acts announced for Gottwood’s tenth anniversary

A star-studded lineup will make this birthday far wilder than your tenth was.

Not many festivals can compete with what Gottwood have going for them. Set in scenic Anglesey, Wales, the festival site is stunning. With rolling hills, expansive green forest and a serene lake, the surroundings accentuate the music and enjoyment. Offering places to chill as well as rave, it’s tough work finding a better location within the UK circuit. The crowd also adds to the experience. The unique mishmash of music fans create one of the friendliest communities in the British Isles, with everyone there to enjoy themselves and tuck in to quality tunes.

The music, too, is of the highest quality. This year, its tenth edition, the festival has maintained its expert ability to curate, catering for all tastes and styles. Inviting sage veterans, cutting-edge maestros and up-and-coming selectors, it seems as though the team behind the party have considered countless names before picking their performers. Players such as The Ransom Note, Red Light Radio and Tief are all part of the selection process, hosting stages and contributing acts to the bill. As a result, the likes of DJ Stingray, festival favourite Move D, dBridge and Josey Rebelle are all set to spin some records in June next year. Check out the full first wave of artists below.

For more information, and to buy a ticket, head over to the Gottwood website here.

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