Ex-Terrestrial and Priori of NAFF launch techno focused sub-label, Garmo

The Montreal producers launch the label with a new collaborative project.

Since launching in 2018, Montreal label NAFF has become synonymous with stylistic, tripped out electronic exports, pushing Canadian producers across the dance music spectrum. The brainchild of Priori and Ex-Terrestrial, both artists dropped their debut LPs, On A Nimbus and Gamma Infolded, via the platform across 2019, following 12″s from ANF and Housemates.

Entering into a new year, NAFF now announce the birth of a techno-focused sub-label, Garmo, which will launch on March 6th with a four-track EP from the pair under new alias, Ntel.

Speaking on the project, Priori and Ex-Terrestrial mention that they’re “quite picky when it comes to techno and we came to it through an unusual set of influences, so we’ve created our own kind of bubble”, with the press release going on to state that Garmo “seeks to curate a specific style of techno, encompassing grimey, energetic and highly textural sounds.”

Ahead of Garmo’s debut release, listen to ‘Melt’ from Ntel’s Dilution Effect below.


1. Swarm
2. Swarm (Scanner Mix)
3. Melt
4. Resin

Dilution Effect is out March 6th on Garmo.

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