EU artists coming to the UK face strict new immigration rules

New UK Immigration Laws will “Cut the legs of the UK” music industry.

Music professionals around Europe and the UK are having to come to terms with UK Home secretary Priti Patel’s new rules regarding touring artists entering the UK from Europe. As the Independent reported, the new rules that will come into effect in ten months time will require all touring artists to meet several new criteria.

All EU artists must now apply for a visa to enter the UK, at a cost of £244 for each group member, provide proof, 90 days before applying and that they have almost £1,000 in savings and so can support themselves, unless they are “A-rated”. They must also provide a certificate of sponsorship from an event organiser – who must take responsibility for them – or a letter of invitation in some circumstances.

With post Brexit trade talks already off to a shaky start, fears have been sparked that Brussels may impose similar sanctions on UK artists in a tit for tat retaliation.

The long and the short of it is this new move, which has been heavily condemned by the Incorporated Society of Musicians, is going to create some major hurdles for all artists entering the UK from Europe, potentially having a massive detrimental effect on the UK music industry.

Read the original article from the Independent in more detail here.

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