Ela Minus Announces Debut Album ‘Acts Of Rebellion’

The Columbian musician announces her forthcoming album with Domino Records, alongside track and music video ‘el cielo no es de nadia’.

Signing to Domino Records earlier this year, Ela Minus has since released singles “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong” and “Megapunk”. The forthcoming album ‘Acts Of Rebellion’ explores the tiny acts of revolution present in our day to day lives, centering the personal as political.

On new single ‘el cielo no es de nadie in Ela’s native Spanish, translating to English, the track is “an ode to little, constant, every day acts of love”. A message from Ela that small, everyday acts of love can mean much more than one grand act alone.

From drumming in a hardcore band through to majoring in synthesizer design, Ela’s background in DIY scenes sees her draw deep connections with club culture, seeking to make music for people to dance to. Her live performances have also gained particular attention due to Ela’s preference to place herself at the centre of the crowds see performs to.

In the accompanying music video for ‘el ciela no es de nadie’, co-directed by Ela and Pepi Ginsberg, she is pictured alongside her machines dancing and moving through the hallways of clubs, performing the track in her signature way.

1. N19 5NF
2. they told us it was hard, but they were wrong.
3. el cielo no es de nadie
4. megapunk
5. pocket piano
6. dominique
7. let them have the internet
8. tony
9. do whatever you want, all the time.
10. Close (ft. Helado Negro)

Ela Minus ‘Acts Of Rebellion’ is out 23rd October via Domino Records. 

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