Download Mumdance’s new 32 unreleased track compilation, ‘Shared Meanings’

Since bursting onto the scene in 2009, Jack Adams has relentlessly challenged the blueprint of dance music, both through his leftfield production and tesselating sets. Under the moniker Mumdance, Adams’ grime-infused music has tested soundsystems all over the world, and has seen the London-based artist release on esteemed imprints such as XL Recordings and Tectonic. 2017 saw the launch of Radio Mumdance, a mix series boasting a genre-spanning roster, some of whom teamed up with Adams for truly one-off B2Bs.

Billed as the “natural next step” from the memorable mix series, Shared Meanings is Adams’ sixth major mix project in as many years, and is, in some respects, equally as bonkers as 2017’s output. As the “foundations of any culture”, the mix’s title alludes to commonalities amongst the boundary-pushing artists involved. Consisting of 32 unreleased tracks, what may seem unnatural and off-kilter on paper has been sown together by the expert ear of Adams to generate an unwavering intensity and organic flow.

It’s difficult to describe the sonic tapestry woven by Mumdance due to its shape-shifting personality, but the quality of mixing and broad stylistic identity make the mix an easy listen. Sidewinding through periods of blissful beatless ambient, bone-crunching techno, spirited drum n bass, and mind bending acid, the mix is a one stop shop for boundary pushing dance music. Featuring music from Bambounou, Galaxian, Imogen, Sleeparchive and Chevel, as well as a Mumdance & Logos collaboration, you can see why Shared Meanings is so boundary pushing and avant-garde.

Listen the mix and download it for free via the SoundCloud link below.

01. SØS Gunver Ryberg – ‘Flying’
02. Space Afrika – ‘After They Entered It Was Only Evident’
03. Caterina Barbieri – ‘Molecular Illusion’
04. Chevel – ‘777’
05. Monotronique – ‘Bounce Yo Head’
06. Bambounou – ‘Terraforming Is No Easy’
07. Szare – ‘Sink Hole’
08. Hector Oaks – ‘Dare To Care’
09. Mark Broom – ‘TwoEightFour’
10. JK Flesh – ‘Underpass (Weightless Version)’
11. Dino Sabatini – ‘Bridge #43’
12. Metrist – ‘ME Siphoning’
13. ASC – ‘Termination Shock’
14. Homemade Weapons – ‘Seasick’
15. Last Life – ‘Ancient Lightning’
16. Torn – ‘Loopback’
17. Abyss X – ‘Allegory’
18. Sleeparchive – ‘Smokestack’
19. Deapmash – ‘Abstract Straight Lethal’
20. Mumdance & Logos – ‘Teachers’
21. J Colleran – ‘Infra01’
22. Boylan – ‘Say Goodbye’
23. Peder Mannerfelt – ‘Over My Face’
24. Galaxian – ‘Viral Shredding’
25. Imogen – ‘Katla’
26. Nkisi – ‘Kinenga’
27. Chevel – ‘Voices Sound In My Head’
28. Isabella – ‘Rattle’
29. Repro – ‘Lies of Commission’
30. D Carbone – ‘Rush To Crash’
31. Tales of the Underground – ‘Bliss Overdose’
32. ZULI – ‘SW Keys’

Physical copies of Shared Meanings will be released on November 23.

Grab a ticket to the Shared Meanings Launch party at Oval Space this Friday here.

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