Donato Dozzy and Retina.it debut brand new album as Men With Secrets

Donato Dozzy and Retina.it’s Nicola Buono and Lino Mocano come together as Men with Secrets.

It was while working together in 2018 as Le Officine Di Efesto, a murky/leftfield techno project, that the trio of Donato Dozzy and Retina.it’s Nicola Buono and Lino Mocano discovered their shared love of eighties post-punk, synth pop and wave music.

Fast forward to January 2020 and the three Italians are back, this time as Men with Secrets, a name derived from early NY electronic pop musician Richard Bone. Their new thirteen track album which arrives via The Bunker NY, titled Psycho Romance and Other Spooky Ballads takes its cues from the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League, New Order and Dopplereffekt.

But while Psycho Romance sounds like a forgotten album from the same period, the production skills of the trio create a result which still sounds current. To quote the label, “…this album is neither imitation nor rehash. It’s just as carefully and ingeniously produced as you’d expect a record from Donato Dozzy and Retina.it to be.”

The album drops on January 31st and is available to preorder now via The Bunker NY’s bandcamp page. You can also preview the earworm that is ‘Cabaret (Démodé)’ now.


01. 4th Dimension Signal N°1
02. The Misfortunes Of Virtues
03. Cabaret (Démodé)
04. 4th Dimension Signal N°2
05. Dramantic
06. Elle Est Nihiliste
07. 4th Dimension Signal N°3
08. Angelus Novus
09. Secrets Of The Crowd
10. 4th Dimension Signal N°4
11. Aletheia.aiff
12. Ruins On Ruins
13. 4th Dimension Signal N°5

Psycho Romance and Other Spooky Ballads is out on January 31st via The Bunker NY.

Pre-order it here.

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