DJ Haram debuts new Grace EP on Hyperdub

“An EP that is constructed through deep feeling, and transmits vital dancefloor energy.”

DJ Haram is set to release her new EP on the London imprint this July.

Based in Philadelphia, with close ties to NYC collective Discwoman, DJ Haram’s writing process for the EP was initiated by a family tragedy, leading to the creation of “a small mythological world that was a dramatized reflection of her own.”

Each song is represented by a character which takes inspiration from ‘types of Jinn in Islam, Quranic stories of angels, with some of the creatures coming from Haram’s own imagination.’ These characters can be seen on the EP’s cover art which was illustrated by Samantha Garritano.

DJ Haram describes her process as “combining physical and spiritual elements building each track starts around the drums”, in this EP’s case, the Darbuka drum, “if each track is a body, the drums would be the energetic component at the core of every bodily system”.

Grace also features a remix from 700 Bliss, the side project Haram fronts alongside rapper and poet Moor Mother, who also has an album coming up for release with Hyperdub.

Listen to ‘Gemini Rising’, taken from the Grace EP below

01. No Idol
02. Interlude
03. Gemini Rising
04. Body Count
05. Candle Light (700 Bliss Remix)
06. Grace (K.O.D.)
07. Candle Light (Instrumental)

Grace releases digitally and on vinyl 5th July, 2019 via Hyperdub.

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