débruit announces new project with Congolese musicians, KOKOKO!

Those familiar with the globetrotting stylings of the French producer – who’s previously released on Civil Music, Soundway, and his own ICI label – should be excited about this new project. KOKOKO! – which literally means KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! – are a psychedelic electronic band comprised of Congolese musicians from the city of Kinshasa, who play grooves crafted on self-designed stringed instruments and other percussive inventions made from recycled scrap material. Débruit has taken control of recording and producing and has assisted in the artistic direction of the forthcoming record and live performances.

According to press materials: “The KOKOKO! project was born from a change in mentality and a radicalisation of the people, which we’ve witnessed with our own eyes. With the constant degradation of quality of life, Kinshasa’s youth began to question the taboo of ‘respect for one’s elders’ – denouncing the state of a society paralysed by fear. This spirit of protest is something entirely new… It’s the sound of the new generation/scene knocking on the door of change. Reinventing themselves, breaking from the weight of the Older generations of musicians who dominated African music and finding a freedom to express themselves through new artistic practices.”

Music is forthcoming, with a KOKOKO! European tour starting next month – you can find all dates below.

28/05 Villette Sonique – Paris
31/05 Recyclart – Bruxelles
01/06 La Vapeur – Dijon
02/06 Le Brise Glace – Annecy
03/06 Kilbi festival – Suisse
04/06 Musikaren Eguna – Oridarp
09/06 Clandestino Festival – Götebörg
11/06 This Is Not A Love Song – Nîmes


Dido – Guitar / Jesus Crisis / Vocals / Percussion (KOKOKO!)


Love Lokombe – DIY Talkbox / Vocals / Cans / Amplified Electric Noises (KOKOKO!)

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Featured image: L to R – Dido Lokato Oweke, Bovic Mwepu Kankolongo, Bom’s Liteli Bomolo, débruit, Makara Bianco (KOKOKO!)

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