Dean Blunt Releases Coffee Table Book

The ‘Black Metal’ prankster has made his first foray into publishing. 

An artist who lives his life with his tongue perpetually in his cheek, Dean Blunt’s latest venture is very much true to form. An extension of his club night of the same name, ‘Cîroc Boyz: vol.1’ finds his fascination with the titular luxury Vodka brand extended over a 30 page book. Published by NERO, the volume uses the P Diddy owned prestige drink as the frame for a documentation of, ‘excessive expenses made in the most popular VIP clubs in the hip hop scene’. Containing bottle service receipts totaling all the way up to $156k, ‘Cîroc Boyz: vol.1’ is both ludicrous and vaguely profound – much like Blunt himself. You can grab one of the limited run of 500 copies over at NERO’s official website.

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‘Cîroc Boyz: vol.1’ is available now via NERO. Buy it here.

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