Control An Interactive Song With Jazz.Computer

Control with your scroll on ‘Jazz.Computer’. 

Anyone with a phone or computer can direct their own technicolour music video with Jazz.Computer, a browser-based interactive song created by musician/programmer Yotam Mann and animator/designer Sarah Rothberg.

“Users can change sections, chords, arrangements and timbres, by doing the thing that most of us are doing on our phones and computers most of the time: scrolling,” explain the creators of Jazz.Computer. “The song and visuals are about scrolling and how it makes me feel. Sometimes up. Sometimes down.”

By simply varying your scroll – up, down, down then up etc. – Jazz.computer creates melodious synths and glitchy beats to a backdrop of colourful GIFs. “I set up a structure with which users can improvise and explore,” says Yotam Mann. “Jazz.Computer is a potentially endless song with infinite variation.”



Check out the Jazz.Computer website for all of the effects.

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