ClekClekBoom Compile ‘Paris Club Music Vol.1’

Parisian imprint ClekClekBoom joins NonPlus+, 2nd Drop, 3024, Pets Recordings and Sine Of The Times as a label beginning the New Year with a compilation.

The double package splits unreleased material and previous label hits onto separate CDs; the former featuring a VIP of’ ‘Yo Vogue’ as well as another new French Fries track ‘Southside’, and music from Coni, Manare, Jean Nipon, and Ministre X. The second is full of label favourites from all the above and more: ‘Hugz’, ‘Champagne’, ‘Calling Me’, ‘Slab’, ‘Quartz’ etc. The vinyl issue will only feature the exclusives.

The release coincides with the label’s first birthday (although the group has been together for six years) when it is released in early April. See full tracklist and stream opening track, French Fries’ ‘Yo Vogue VIP’, below.

‘Paris Club Music Vol.1’ full tracklisting:
CD 1
French Fries “Yo Vogue VIP” (4:56)
Manaré “Riddle” (5:02)
The Town “Dice” (5:41)
Jean Nipon “Coming At You” (5:03)
French Fries “Southside” (6:06)
Coni “Missing You Nire“ (5:44)
Ministre X “Kobe” (6:02)

CD 2
French Fries “Champagne” (4:23)
French Fries “Hugz” ft. Bambounou (6:35)
Coni “Luz In Pool” (8:27)
Ministre X “Callin Me” ft. Sana (Radio Edit) (3:42)
The Town “The Movement” (5:01)
Bambounou “Night” (4:45)
Manaré “Quartz” (6:06)
Chaos In The CBD “Slab” (4:16)

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