Classic Warp Records Tunes Made Into Art

Designer Alex Szabo-Haslam has made a series of limited edition prints featuring the waveforms of classic Warp Records tracks.

Simply entitled ‘Waveform’, the project finds Szabo-Haslam, who like Warp Records hails from Sheffield, visualizing classic tracks from the label as well as tunes from Aphex Twin and Altern8. Done by analysing soundwaves and then redrawing them into a series of bars to form beautiful, elegant patterns. He then applied these patterns on to an A2 sized sheet using a traditional, hand pulled silkscreen printing process, before signing and numbering them. Tracks used in the series include; LFO – LFO ( Leed’s Warehouse Mix ), Luke Vibert‘s ‘I Love Acid’ and Aphex’s seminal ‘Digeridoo’.

Szabo-Haslam is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to complete the printing of 25 copies of each image, with sponsors allowed to take their pick of which print they like. You can check out the campaign and get involved here, whilst you can see a selection of the images below.


Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel ( Warp )


Altern8 – Activ8


Aphex Twin – Digeridoo

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