Check Out Italy’s Abandoned Discotheques

Explore the forgotten palaces of Italo-Disco from the 1980’s… 

In the booming days that were the 1980’s, an array of grand structures adorned to the groove were erected in all sorts of obscure locations dotted across the Italian countryside. The bright lights and music have long since perished within these shrines of hope, dreams and Italo Disco, but worshiped but like sleeping giants they still stand crumbling today.

Italian photographer Antonio La Grotta has taken it upon himself to document a selection of these eerie clubs in a new series titled ‘Paradise Discotheque‘. He has described these discotheques as, “fake marble temples adorned with Greek statues made of gypsum, futuristic spaces of gigantic size, large enough to contain the dreams of success, money, fun of thousands people and then the dreams are gone, people disappeared and nightclubs became abandoned wrecks, cement whales laid on large empty squares, places inhabited by echo and melancholy.”

All clubs featured were built during the 80’s with the exception of the bizarre looking Woodpecker, constructed by Filippo Monti in the 1960s. “Its structure is quite unique: a series of walkways around a small pond connect several artificial islands, one of which hosts a huge fiberglass dome, which reproduces the proportions of the dome built by Brunelleschi in Florence,” he said. “Unfortunately, the club did not last very long because of the location. It was very humid and there were a lot of mosquitoes and frogs inside the room. In the early 1970s it closed for good.”

Check out a selection of the images below & if you like these check out the French version

ultimo impero_01

Cesar Palace



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