Check Out An App That Lets You Use Discogs On The Go

Milk Crate brings the world’s largest vinyl database to your fingertips.

As the vinyl resurgence gathers apace it only makes sense that technology should progress right alongside it at the same rate. With much of the world’s record shopping now being done via Discogs, it should come as little surprise that an app has been made which takes the online marketplace and transports it to your mobile phone.

Milk Crate -available for £2.99, makes user’s collections portable as well as giving them access to the entire Discogs library on the go. Individual releases can be explored in detail and listened to on YouTube, whilst users can also manage their want/sell lists and find buyers on the Discogs marketplace – using Milk Crate’s polished interface. Additionally the app comes equipped with a barcode scanner, giving quick access to release data – well those with barcodes at least.

Their are significant issues with Milk Crate – principally the inability to sort records, although these are said  to be under repair. With better ease of use than several less attractive and poorly functioning predecessors, could this be the app that finally takes Discogs mobile?

milk crate 1 milk crate 2


Learn more about Milk Crate here and buy it here

via The Vinyl Factory

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