Bruce to release debut album on Hessle Audio

Bruce is set to release his debut album Sonder Somatic this October on UK imprint Hessle Audio.

The album is made up of 11 UK club tracks that evoke a distinctly emotive and dense energy, and comes deeply varied in styles, ideas and tempos.

Previously releasing music via labels such as Timedance, Livity Sound, Idle Hands and Hemlock, Bruce’s debut full length marks four years since his last appearance on Hessle Audio, with his Not Stochastic EP.

Said to be partly written as an attempt to capture that rare transformative feeling that can cause you to fully lose yourself in a club space, Bruce is a longtime follower of Hessle, stating that “from being a fan of their work from the very beginning, it’s not only the music they have released that has informed my taste/work, but also the journey they have formed through the application of their attitude and approach”.

Hear album cut ‘Æon’ now.

Sonder Somatic is out October 26 on Hessle Audio. 

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