Brian Eno and Karl Hyde Launch Augmented Reality App

Brian Eno and Underworld frontman launch new album with AR iPhone app

Brian Eno is no stranger to the conceptual artistic endeavours. Long since his days with Roxy Music Eno has carved a highly respected reputation for himself in many musical circles. From his light installations being beamed on the Sydney Opera House, to creating art to relax patients in hospitals, and writing an original score for Top Boy, Eno seems to eliminate boundaries in terms of creative and imaginative activity.

Since releasing his 76-minute composition ‘Lux’ in four sections with Warp, and collaborating with James Blake on ‘Digital Lion’ for his album ‘Overgrown’, Eno has gone on to collaborate with Karl Hyde of Underworld fame. The collaborative effort comes in the form of an album, ‘Someday World’ accompanied with an augmented reality application for the iPhone. The app transforms the rotating ridges of a record in to an animated landscape conveying colourful digital cities. The inspiration stems from the ‘evolving nature of architecture in response to natural surroundings’. The application enables users to experience pulsating vibrant cities responding to rhythms by holding their iPhone camera over the record. In case the records sells out, users can experience an online version of the app here.

Implementing innovative means to partner conventional releases is a serendipitous outcome of the increasingly disposable and digitised industry. It’s projects such as ‘Someday World’ that embrace the exponential prevalence of technology and use it to a creative advantage. A demonstration of how Eno and Hyde’s augmented reality app works can be viewed below.

Download the Eno • Hyde iOS App for free and purchase the record here

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